Mike Jeffery – part 4

On 10th September 1970 Jimi Hendrix was back in London following a run of concerts at the Isle of Wight, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. He was as dissatisfied as ever with Mike Jeffery and his management contract. The contract with Mike Jeffery was due to expire on 1st December 1970 but Hendrix was still tied to Jeffery for a further two years through the contracts with Warner Brothers.

While in London Jimi Hendrix was spending time with producer Alan Douglas who was also there with his wife. At a series of meetings, Alan Douglas advised Hendrix that he should make a break from Mike Jeffery and find a new manager. Alan Douglas said of the final meeting: “He wanted out of his contract but he didn’t know how he could do it. We talked about it half the night, and we finally decided that Jimi could offer to pay Mike his percentage for however long the contract was, on top of whatever he paid his new manager. I don’t know if Mike would have gone for it. I never got the chance to ask.”

Alan Douglas was due to fly back to New York on 15th September. Jimi Hendrix accompanied him to the airport in his cab. Alan Douglas’s intention when he got back to the US was to go and see lawyer Henry Steingarten and tell him of Hendrix’s wish to extricate himself from the clutches of Mike Jeffery.

coroner reportThe plans that Jimi Hendrix and Alan Douglas made never came to fruition. On 18th September 1970 Jimi Hendrix died. There are countless theories on the internet and in books relating to his death. Was it an accidental overdose, suicide or even murder? The circumstances of the tragic hours leading up to the death are blurred due to conflicting testimonies. A thorough investigation was not conducted at the time because the death was not thought to be suspicious. The coroner’s report shows that Hendrix died as a result of “inhalation of vomit due to barbiturate intoxication”.

Mike Jeffery was in Mallorca at the time Hendrix died. His assistant Trixie Sullivan said: “There was a freak storm across Majorca and all the phone lines were down. Somebody told Mike later that Jimi had been trying to phone him. The first call that got through was to say Jimi was dead. Mike was terribly upset at the thought of Jimi not being able to get through to him.”

In 2009 ex-Animals road manager, James “Tappy” Wright published his memoirs in the form of a book called “Rock Roadie”, a two hundred and thirty six page account of his work as a roadie with The Animals and general dogs-body for Mike Jeffery and others. Unless autobiographies about ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll’ are written by well-known musicians or celebrities, they are hardly likely to be best sellers. It’s just as well, then, that Tappy Wright had a ‘eureka’ moment while he was writing his book and remembered something that might sell a few copies. The thing that he’d kept in the back of his mind since 1973 was the fact that Mike Jeffery had confessed to him that he’d murdered Jimi Hendrix. Shortly after the alleged confession, Mike Jeffery died in an accident.

Because of Wright’s revelation in 2009 the book got a lot of publicity in newspapers and on the internet and a whole new generation of conspiracy theorists was born. Those who believe that Mike Jeffery was directly responsible for Hendrix’s death argue that he was financially better off with Hendrix out of the picture. They say that Mike Jeffery would have received a pay-out on Hendrix’s life insurance and that his income from Hendrix was due to end within months because of the expiry of the Hendrix-Jeffery contract or because Hendrix was about to sack him.

However, there is no available evidence that Mike Jeffery received a payout on an insurance policy that he’d taken out on Jimi Hendrix’s life, or even that he’d actually taken out a policy in the first place. Also, Jeffery was tied to Hendrix until at least 1972 (not December 1970) through agreements with Warner Brothers, including the contract relating to the movie Rainbow Bridge. Unlike Mike Jeffery, Warner Brothers did receive a substantial death settlement from Lloyds of London.

Mike Jeffery told Rolling Stone magazine that he was unaware of Jimi Hendrix’s plans with Alan Douglas to sack him: “He never said to me he wanted to change management. What happened was, both of us were expanding in areas, and at certain times he needed very close attention. There was a time when he wanted to expand the group, and the thing was, half my energies were in the studio and other things, and I didn’t have time to devote energies fully to helping expand the group. Both he and I felt that the three-way function of manager – artist – agent was quite likely to fall apart, because the times are different than they once were in show business. People outside the circle mistook this for discontent, but it wasn’t, because Jimi was intelligent and bright enough. If he wanted to split, he would have split. As far as being artistically frustrated, Jimi had an incredible genius about him, and the common thing with most artists of that caliber is that they are constantly artistically frustrated.”

It’s unlikely that the true circumstances of Hendrix’s death will ever be known and, on the face of it, James Tappy Wright’s version of events seems as believable as anything else that has been published. It’s not until you read the rest of the book and start analysing some of his stories that you realise Wright does not always get the facts right.

The Hendrix Legacy

After Jimi Hendrix’s death, Mike Jeffery informed the lawyers responsible for sorting out Hendrix’s affairs that there was very little money owing to the Hendrix estate, perhaps only $20,000. However, Mike Jeffery reached an agreement with the lawyer Leo Branton who was working on behalf of Hendrix’s father, Al Hendrix, to buy Hendrix’s share of the Electric Lady Studio for $240,000 and pay off the $300,000 loan from Warner Brothers. The Electric Lady Studio became a resounding success for Mike Jeffery. From the 1970s onwards the studio recorded albums by such rock luminaries as The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, and Patti Smith among many, many others. It remains one of the worlds leading studios to this day.

Mike Jeffery was also keen to exploit the posthumous market that had developed after Hendrix’s death and was working with sound engineer Eddie Kramer to salvage as much recorded material as possible to sell on to Warner Brothers. Mike Jeffery didn’t want to flood the market with substandard recordings, even though he knew there would be a ready market for any Hendrix material. Any tapes they couldn’t use were sent to the Hendrix estate. In spite of his attempts to market only quality Hendrix material, Mike Jeffery was criticised for his part in the release of the movie ‘Rainbow Bridge’ in 1971. The movie included a poor show by Jimi Hendrix, Billy Cox and Mitch Mitchell filmed in July 1970 in Hawaii. That particular performance did nothing to enhance the reputation of Jimi Hendrix.

The following year Mike Jeffery released a movie of Hendrix’s performance in Berkeley entitled ‘Jimi Plays Berkeley”. To accompany the film, two of Jeffery’s acts ‘Cat Mother & The All-Night Newsboys’ and ‘Jimmy & Vella’ performed live at  venues throughout the UK.

jimi berkeley

The various legal proceedings arising from Jimi Hendrix’s 1965 contract with Ed Chalpin of PPX International had been suspended following Hendrix’s death. The case finally came to Court in London in March 1973. There were various litigants, including Track Records, Polydor, Mike Jeffery, Chas Chandler and the Jimi Hendrix estate all represented by Leo Branton. Before the hearing, Branton attempted to resolve the issues with Ed Chalpin with an out of Court settlement but Chalpin refused. On 7th March 1973 Ed Chalpin lost his long running case and was ordered by the judge to hand over $150,000 plus costs. However, Chalpin’s defeat was tempered by the judge’s decision to allow him to continue promoting the Hendrix albums that Chalpin already had on the market.

The Death of Mike Jeffery

The weekend before the judge was due to announce the verdict on the Chalpin case, Mike Jeffery had gone to Mallorca. There had been a problem with the electricity at one of his clubs in Palma. He was also on the verge of buying a large property near the idyllic Mallorcan costal resort of Banyalbufar and needed a few days to finalise the purchase.

The trip to Mallorca nearly didn’t happen. During the Chalpin Court proceedings, the police arrested Mike Jeffery on an outstanding warrant. The warrant related to drugs offences and was issued because Mike Jeffery had failed to appear in Court for his trial. At a subsequent hearing relating to the drugs charges shortly before the proposed trip to Mallorca, Jeffery’s solicitor applied for an extension of his bail conditions. The judge agreed on the basis that Mike Jeffery surrendered his passport. Jeffery’s lawyer persuaded the judge that his client needed the passport for the weekend so that he could conduct business in Mallorca.

After the death of Jimi Hendrix, Mike Jeffery had met a girl called Karen, otherwise known as Melissa. A relationship developed with Melissa and the couple had plans to settle in Mallorca and have a child. Mike Jeffery wanted to leave the world of rock music and perhaps produce another movie. The project he had in mind was a film about the Irish Republican activist Michael Collins, which he intended to shoot in the Republic of Ireland. The property in Banyalbufar, Mallorca was also part of his master plan.

The last photo of Mike Jeffery in Bana at the property he intended to buy.

After concluding his business in Mallorca, Mike Jeffery boarded a London bound Iberian Airways plane at Son Sant Joan Airport in Palma on 5th March 1973. He was anxious to hear the verdict in the Chalpin case. If the outcome went against Chalpin then he stood to make a lot of money. As Jimi Hendrix’s manager he would be entitled to a share of the withheld royalties on all Hendrix’s UK record sales since 1968.

Bearing in mind Mike Jeffery’s background as an undercover operative with army intelligence and his involvement in covert operations it is difficult to imagine that he would have a problem with aeroplanes. However, it is well documented that throughout his life he had a fear of flying and a phobia that one day he would perish in an air disaster. He had a habit of changing his travel plans by booking himself on multiple flights with different airlines and then selecting one at random at the last minute. This was Mike Jeffery’s way of dealing with his fear of flying and his belief that he could outsmart fate. One of his employee’s Bob Levine said of his fear of flying: “On the plane, he’d grip the arm rests so tightly his knuckles would turn white. During the take-off, he’d grab your hand so hard you’d think it was broken. Eric Burdon used to hum Glenn Miller’s ‘In The Mood’ just to wind him up even more.”

On 5th March 1973 Mike Jeffery’s morbid prophesy became a reality.

At the beginning of March, French air-traffic controllers were on strike and military air-traffic controllers were brought in to replace them. Due to a misunderstanding, the pilot of the Iberian DC-9 in which Mike Jeffery was travelling ended up in the same flight path as another plane – a Spantax Coronado. The two planes collided in mid-air near the French town of Nantes in the Vende area. The Spandex sustained some damage but was able to fly away and land safely. Unfortunately the DC-9 was severely damaged. It exploded in mid air and plummeted to the ground. The sixty three passengers and five Spanish flight crew on board were killed.

Aftermath of the mid-air collision over Nantes, France

Conclusion of the accident investigation into the mid-air collision of the DC-9 (IB 504) and Coronado (BX 400)

Here’s a link to the BBC’s report of the air accident.

Much more detailed accounts about the flight and the mid-air collision that killed Mike Jeffery can be found on these blogs: Flights of Fantasy and Remembering Mike Jeffery – 50 Years On.


Mike Jeffery’s body was so badly mangled that identification was difficult. Jerry Stickells, one of Hendrix’s former road managers flew to France to make the identification. He said: “I identified him by his jewellery. They said ‘you don’t want to see a photograph.'” Mike Jeffery’s death was registered at the Commune De La Planche, Loire-Atlantique, France.

On 15th March 1973 administration of Mike Jeffery’s estate was granted to his estranged wife Gillian Rosemary Jeffery. In spite of the fact that Mike Jeffery’s had been running clubs in Mallorca, owned the Electric Lady Studio and had various addresses in London, New York and Mallorca, he still probably had a lot of debt and undischarged loans arising from the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ movie and the purchase of the studio. A sworn affidavit to the Inland Revenue in the UK showed the gross value of the estate of Michael Frank Jeffery as ‘nil’. Although there is no documentary evidence available, it is understood that Mike Jeffery’s father Frank Jeffery contested the fact that Gillian Jeffery had been made administrator. This may have been on the grounds that Mike Jeffery and his wife had been leading separate lives for a number of years. Although the estate allegedly had no value in March 1973 it had the potential to grow on the strength of the rights from Jimi Hendrix’s recordings. On 6th November 1974 administration of the estate was granted to Frank Albert Edward Jeffery. A sworn affidavit to the Inland Revenue on that date shows the gross value of the estate as £2,000.

Mike Jeffery’s remains were flown back to the UK and his burial took place at Hither Green Cemetary, South East London on 19th March 1973. The funeral was a fairly quiet affair involving family and some close friends. Both Melissa and Gillian Jeffery were in attendance.

funeral clip

Mike Jeffery's plot at Hither Green cemetery (highlighted). The headstone is no longer there
Mike Jeffery’s plot at Hither Green cemetery (highlighted). The headstone is no longer there

Press clipAs with the death of Jimi Hendrix, Mike Jeffery’s demise has also given rise to plenty of conspiracy theories. Some people have suggested that Mike Jeffery never boarded the ill-fated DC-9. There are even more outrageous theories – like the one about him parachuting safely to the ground after the mid-air collision; another that the plane crash was part of an orchestrated CIA plot to assassinate Jeffery because his connections to the US mafia.

Mike Jeffery’s father, Frank Albert Jeffery passed away on 20th September 1993. The Michael Frank Jeffery estate, by then worth a considerable amount of money, was bequeathed to fourteen charities.

Gillian Jeffery, Mike Jeffery’s widow remarried in 1978.

Melissa, Mike Jeffery’s girlfriend, was said to be so devastated by his death that she went to live in an ashram in India.

The litigation regarding Jimi Hendrix’s music has carried on for decades. But that’s another story.

So there ends the tale of Michael Frank Jeffery, the enigmatic man who began his involvement in music promotion by running a student’s jazz night and ended up managing the most influential electric guitarist in the history of popular music.

But that’s not quite all – there is a bizarre unexplained twist involving Mike Jeffery’s burial, which up to now does not appear to have been mentioned in books or on the internet. Eight years after he was buried, Mike Jeffery’s body was exhumed from Hither Green Cemetery. The exhumation took place on 16th April 1981 by Home Office license. The remains were later cremated at Hither Green Crematorium without ceremony at the request of Mike Jeffery’s father, Frank Jeffery.

Could it be that the conspiracy theorists were right after all and that Mike Jeffery never flew on the ill-fated DC9? Had he been living off his hidden fortune with Melissa in some far off place, making his presence known to a selected few in 1981? If so it would have been in his interests to make sure that nothing remained of the body buried at Hither Green. DNA testing as a forensic tool wasn’t around in 1981 but it wasn’t too far away. Oh well, just a thought!!

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Special thanks to Tom Henderson and Jenny Stewart (Clarke) for their photographs and memories.

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    These articles about Mike Jeffries Document such an interesting and IMPORTANT part of musical history they really deserve a broader AUDIENCE and serve as a fabulous inspiration for a TV series.
    So well written by Roger – A huge Bravo!


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    Is it true Michael Jeffery tried to insure Jimi’s life for £1 million, prior to his death in 1970, but Jimi would not agree to this?
    I note that Warner Bros. did insure Jimi, is that where the confusion comes in.


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    This was a very interesting read as Mike jeffery was my cousin. His dad and my nan were brother and sister and we was told his estate was to go to living family but none could be found but that’s another tale.


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    What a thorough labour of love. Logical, extremely well written and informative.
    Youve passed the audition.


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    Thank you so much for this. I’ve read a number of books about Hendrix over the years but they are always so sketchy about Jeffery. There’s always been so much mystery around him. I’ve never understood why an enterprising journalist/author hasn’t written a book on him – surely his is a story that is crying out to be put down in a book. But I’ve learned more about him from your article than I ever have before and most of the photos I’ve never seen before.


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    Fascinating, well researched story, as a lifelong fan now 62 I vividly remember an older cousin living in Chicago and in touch with the then underground music / art scene confiding in me at the time of Jimi’s death the exact stories stated in Mr Wrights book, down to the 2 mil,. insurance policy and the murder plot? My question is, what is the authors opinion of the actual cause of the late Jimi Hendrix’s death?


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    Hi – I noticed that the Graphic Sound Studio where Alan Price first recorded was in Wylam. Do you know where in Wylam this was and who ran it? I am from Wylam and never realised this. Brilliant article. Thanks, Mark.


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    Absolutely first-rate research and storytelling about this elusive, quintessential example of a “bad” manager! The sixties were so rife with financial/sexual manipulators in the always creepy world of entertainment. But the performers deserve some of the blame…they were a little too willing to look the other way when the exploitation was being formulated.
    May I suggest that you obtain a copy of a small book, written by Hendrix biographer Caesar Glebbeek, that gives the death of Hendrix a thorough examination, based on evidence. Hendrix clearly did himself in by accident…there was no conspiracy/murder at all…Jimi simply made a mistake.


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    If you read Caesar Glebbeek’s disinformation work ‘Until We Meet Again’ please go to the internet and search out “Tough Reality – Rebuttal To Caesar Glebbeek”…You will see we have shredded Glebbeek’s pitiful attempt to distort the true facts about Jimi’s death…
    I have done 10 years of research and extensive interviews with many direct associates of Michael Jeffery and other individuals directly associated with him…First off let there be no doubt that Jeffery murdered Jimi…It is more than clear in the evidence of Jeffery and Jimi’s relationship in the last year and half of his life…The evidence would be easily shown for this if the British government investigated it honestly like they were trusted to do…The reason they didn’t leads you to the true diabolical motives for Jimi’s death and the fact Michael had connected Jimi and his monies to Intelligence agency intrigues that required liquidation in order to avoid exposure…Michael Jeffery was a spook first and foremost and the reason he was listed as broke when he died was because Jeffery wasn’t stealing the money for himself and there is good reason to think he was ordered to do it by deep dark operators who also benefited from Jeffery’s strange death in a freak mid-air crash…Read the British air crash report…Jeffery was lured to Mallorca for strange electrical problems in his club that needed his personal attention…On the way back French Air Traffic Controllers went on strike putting the military in charge of air traffic guidance…The British report on the crash said they could never figure out why both planes were at the same altitude…Ask yourself how Jeffery could have no money when it was estimated he stole up to 5 million from Jimi and you’ll find the real reasons and persons who murdered Jimi and why…
    This article barely scratches the surface…


  10. 1

    @J. D. Bell — totally FALSE !! Jimi was most certainly murdered & Monika Dannemann was most certainly lying about the morning of Sept. 18, 1970, as Tony Brown proved in his book “Hendrix, The Final Days”. Caesar Glebbeek’s “Until We Meet Again” publication is nothing but a disinformation hit piece that gets completely shredded here
    Nobody should buy Caesar’s lying publication without reading this site & good luck refuting what Tough Reality says regarding Caesar’s disinformation hit piece, because I already know that you can’t.


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    Great read but the Woodstock gig was AUGUST 18 1969


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    I’m reading all this and feel so much for the people and times represented in these words. My name is Amanda Trees, and I was signed to a contract early in my life, by Michael Jeffrey. It was a whirlwind experience in so many ways for a shy girl who had come from doing soap operas, commercials and theatre – and a very protective mom.
    Reading these names evokes so many vivid memories, and there are definitely facts I remember that coincide with much of this, but there were additional points not then known which I directly saw, experienced and remember.
    I had actually been wondering about Lyn Baily and Melissa, who were dear friends who were so kind and understanding to me. I was trying to see if I could locate them and reconnect somehow, then came upon these writings.
    Really have to add also, that my whole relationship to all these people was nothing like the wild tales one reads and hears about. Michael, Bob Levine, Nigel Morgan, Trixie Sullivan, Cathy – all of these people were like family to me, we went places and had dinners, and every time they went away someplace, they would bring me back some nice clothes, books.
    Jimi was a very kind and gentle spirit – always – and would come over to my mom and I where we lived, and would bring pizza and acorn squash.
    I wish I had not been so shy and intimidated by the whole picture, and really gotten out there like Michael wanted me to, and just performed! He believed in me, as did Jimi and the whole group, just wish I had as well.
    I’ve had to go back in time and pretty much start from the beginning, getting more foundation in music, and performing in small clubs and venues that seemed open to my freeform style of music.
    But I don’t regret the journey; I’m strong now, and think Michael would’ve been proud of me that I didn’t give up the ship!


  13. 1

    What a fascinating piece! I have long been interested in the shady stories about Mike Jeffery and it was really great to read it all spelled out quite articulate and entertaining!


  14. 0

    Thank you – I continue to work to make Michael’s belief in me come true.

    Good energies have appeared to inspire and guide me, and for this I’m greatly encouraged, and feel very blessed –

    – Amanda


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    I’m feeling the wish to touch base you on this very pivotal website to further express my thoughts about Michael.

    Reason being, this evening I was called on to cover for another “piano girl,” and in the process, experienced a rare feeling that I guess you could say, all of us – any of us who came up from the supposed renaissance of the 60’s, 70’s have stayed in the game to keep going – call it” survivorism” if you want, but it’s that love, the live contact, the instant moment when you know they know, they “get you,” and they’re going there with you – I get into the imaginary cockpit of the piano, tilt the mic just so, and and just let it flow. Many of us are still here, and many more know that magic feeling of giving the music out into the stratosphere and letting it just roll out.

    Michael was at the start of this for me, the first person who believed in me – and stayed steadfast in this belief.

    Irrevocably, indelibly –

    And wouldn’t it have been good, to come back after and see his discerning gaze, to pat me on the back and tell me he knew I could do something right.

    That so sought-after element that all artists – all humans strive for, recognition, acknowledgement and encouragement.

    Like flowers reaching to the sun, the rain, the wind, we all are here in eternal quest of this very thing.

    I’m grateful to be given the chances to give it, and experience the rare connection that’s formed when this takes place.

    Whether it’s a small cafe along the way, or a huge stadium – the feeling of love is still the same. The journey, the rush, the recognition – the exhuberation. Totally mutual. All beautiful.

    This is what Michael Jeffrey wanted for me, and this is what I’m finding, through staying the course –




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    A very engaging piece of work. The era fascinates me. I was born on the day the Beatles played their first American show at the Washington Colosseum ( February 11th 1964). Hendrix was used and abused by leeches. He didn’t deserve his ultimate fate. It would be hard to say the same about Jeffreys.


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    Hello Friends –
    It’s a bright and pretty day here in Brooklyn, and by all reason I should be outside in the Park with my sweet ECS, Lydi – but I just had to stop a moment and write to you.
    I guess I’d have to say I’m stunned by the lingering malaise that continues to surround the personage of one Micheal Jeffrey.
    It hurts me to think such misinformation and misconceptions continue to follow this soul to this day!
    And to go down as “gospel” to me is unthinkable – so I will continue to tell the real story and hope somehow it gets heard and understood.
    In my puzzlement as to how this all started, I’d have to go straight into a reality that exists to this day:
    Long ago we loved and worshipped Gods and Goddesses, and statues, then Superstars – and we all love our Superheroes – Jimi was sure one of them!
    But too often the danger comes in needing them to be perfect, without flaws or weaknesses in our heroes, and so it becomes easier to blame anyone or anything else in their path rather than admit the truth.
    So much of our thinking, our very impetus in life can become dependent on outside factors, and Superheroes tend to become beacons who lead our way.
    When these lights shut down, we feel lost and betrayed, in a way – and seek to find reasons, and locating a “villain” can seem to be an answer of comparative strength.
    Once upon a time, in this very era, existed another story, an inner one – that was alive and flourishing, and tho somehow perhaps a sort of “Lost Colony,” nonetheless had bearing and life that was strong and real – tho not known to public.
    As under contract to Michael at a very early point in my life, I was part of this “Colony,” and the memories are very much current and alive.
    All the protagonists in this saga had very specific roles to one another, and a few of us are still around to tell the story.
    There is so much to be revealed, and in time, I have faith it will all be told –
    But to clarify for now, Michael was a kind and quixotic gentleman, full of wisdom and whimsy, generous and gentle, creative and steadfast.
    He often held dinners and stays at his home in Woodstock for me, my friends/musicians, and began adding recording equipment to his livingroom, prior to building the Electric Lady Studios.
    He had a dog named Garbo, and loved to run around and dance with her – hope the 8mm films I took of this are still ok!
    He was kind to my mom and sister, and often took us out to dinners and clubs to go dancing.
    Jimi was also a dear friend to me, who was actually pretty shy, soft-spoken, and would come by to visit and have supper with my mom and me, and bring pizza and acorn squash – my mom would cook it up saying “you know this takes awhile – ” and Jimi would grin and say, “like everything good – ”
    How I hold onto these words – I cherish all my moments with them.
    Both Michael and Jimi had many wise words to give me, each in their own special way, and I absorbed this deeply.
    Someday the whole story will come out – the truth always does.



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    That was so interesting Amanda and you obviously had a very special connection. I know you are so active as a pianist in the New York area with your own strong style and brand of uniqueness today. Amazing to think that it all started back then in that very rarified artistic environment.


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    I am a long time Hendrix devote. I play Guitar and he is the best, my favorite, and just an amazing artist to try to replicate. He was genius and his death is mysterious. But i am stating the obvious.
    I first read that Mike Jeffery’s may have had something to do with Jimi’s death in Eddie Kramer’s book. The first observation by Noel and later others that cash was missing and unaccounted for seemed plausible and worth exploring. Although i know little about what went on with Mike Jefferies and the murder, I’m surprised that more hasn’t been explored of other possibilities.
    a. Such ad Nixon and Hoover’s great dislike of anything and most everything Jimi (and the Hippies and Black Panthers) stood for. Could have wanted him eliminated.
    B. Jimi’s sexuality could have angered some murderous father of some young ‘wild thing’ that Jimi had had ‘fun’ with.
    C. His choice of the title of ‘Axis’ Bold as Love could have angered Nixon (who was Eugene McCarthy’s right hand man in the anti communist trial’s) and once again Hoover or some other rabid anti-communists In their small minds by linking him to the ‘Axis’ powers!
    D. Why was so little of the alcohol absorbed into Jimi’s body the day he supposedly drank enough to kill himself? The attending physician even noted that he’d never seen so much wine in someone’s lungs and in his hair and on his clothes. Hints that someone forced it down him.
    I could go on and on but my point is that that it is ‘a ‘suspicious’ death at the least! And it should be thoroughly explored.
    It’s great to see that someone is taking a look at this sad and suspicious death of this amazing man & artist.Just

    Just my 2 cents to a long overdue exploration of a very possible murder.
    Thanks for all the interesting reading.
    Hawk Emenon


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    Man. Jimi Hendrix affected so many people after 1970.iyyt`s quite UNREAL!!! and… ETHERAL!!! I`m from CHICAGO. born & raised in the sixties. 1963 july 31. My brother EDWARD who was 2 yrs older than I died in 1974 a few days after his 13th birthday in FEBRUARY of that year. I was devastated & SHOCKED!!! beyond definition. My life got turned sideways at age 10. How could this have happened?? Young kid full of life playing sports and stuff like any normal kid. Then 1 day one of older brothers who was into LED ZEPPELIN, DEEP PURPLE & other music groups since 1968 brought home a JIMI HENDRIX album dated 1973 in 1976. 1st time I EVER!!! saw hendrix or heard hendrix. U`ve seen it. The cover: dudes sittin there with this hat on, black pants, red flowered jacket with an acoustic guitar in his hands on some stool. So I pull the disc out & hear some of the tune tunes on the turntable & go MAN!!! It`s amplified not ACOUSTIC!!! Then I see JOE BOYDS` name as PRODUCER!!!! of this album & film that it`s from. Now there aren`t that many BOYDS around. I even thought that PATTI BOYD (GEORGE HARRISON) might have been related at some point. NOPE!!!! Same year now. `76. I see hendrix on the cover of guitar player and right after my best friend died in january of that year I go: Who is this HENDRIX guy??? I find out that hendrix ALSO!!! died young just a few years earlier in SEPT 1970 along with some other young music artists from the sixties. Thing is that some peoples`spirits can be connected and kick off a CHAIN REACTION of unexplained cosmic forces!!! U can be around a certain person or person and can be either turned on or turned off by them. Hendrix was like that from what I`ve read. There were those that also blamed hendrix for the DISRUPTION!!! of youth ans thir REVOLUTIONARY!!! behavior which is bunk when u toss in the VIETNAM stuff.The same way hendrix love his music and living life also applied to who he was as a person. the guy didn`t have a lot of BODYGUARDS!!! around him. He was pretty ACCESSIBLE!!! for fans and maybe FOE!!! which explains what happened on SEPTEMBER 18, 1970 at the SAMARKAND HOTEL, LONDON. He was probably just tired of it all. The demands on him. Since 1962 he was just NON STOP!!!! perfoming for 6 year straight. He just need a break. Like my brother & best friend I hope they`re all ok. We`ll see `em again. As the AGE OF AQUARIUS moves forward and PISCES fade. “DON`T BE LATE”!!!! ..


  21. 1

    Oh. Just 1 more thing. ERIC BURDON. I don`t like placing BLAME!!! on people but… BURDON was EMPLOYED!!!! by MICHAEL JEFFREY. THE ANIMALS. Darn good group. 1 of the BIG 3.GM, FORD,CHRYSLER.BEATLES r GM. ROLLING STONES FORD. THE ANIMALS CHRYSLER. Lets say that the ANIMALS got into a ROW!!! with JEFFREY &(BURDON IN particular) he (JEFFREY) pulls the plug on `em in `66. LINDA KEITH (KEITH RICHARDS girlfriend) sees HENDRIX in NYC, GREENWICH VILAGE performing with the BLUE FLAMES (JIMIS` BAND)& flips out. Now obviously CHAS CHANDLER & JEFFREY r obviously OK!!! with one another cause soon after LINDA KEITHS` phone call 2 him urging CHANDLER 2 check this HOT SHOT guitarist out. CHAS takes HENDRIX 2 LONDON & u know the rest. Back to BURDON. Lets say BURDON is still SMOKING HOT!!! at JEFFREY for bouncing the ANIMALS from their cage,so anything and anybody JEFFREY is associated with (except chandler cause they’re buddied and a felloW BRIT!!!) musically (jeffrey used the animals` money to kick hendrix into orbit at chandlers say so) is seething!!! follow. Hendrix STEAMROLLS!!! the LONDON music scene & also… is a HIT!!! with the ladies as well (comes with the territory). But Hendrix is an OUTSIDER!!! (heck. HENDRIX was an outsider in HARLEM,so WTF!!!) American. Not of the same GENETIC!!! makeup. however… those Brits r playin AMERICAN BLUES influenced inspired music. Hendrix knocks em out. he`s the toast. BURDON is like everyone else is too. fast forward.to 1970. summer.hendrix has had enuff of the ROCKSTAR!!! crap & its not going well. Burdon was really out of a job really until his band WAR!!! gets going in that year. Now u know Hendrix & Burdons ex ANGIE had something going on. Im at the boat scene on RAINBOW BRIDGE where Hendrix tells PAT HARTLY & CHUCK WEIN: “CHOKES ON THE GRAPE”!!!!1`To whom is eric burdon dclaring WAR!!! on??? I mean SPILL THE WINE from that album is a great song, but in light of the “FOUL PLAY” surrounding HENDRIX from 2000 + on there seem to be an angle that somebody “snuffed hendrix out”!!! at the HOTEL SAMARKAND,LONDON 1970. Sept. U know that “CHOKER” Hendrix had onstage at ISLE OF WIGHT?? Harbinger of things 2 comes. also… HENDRIX was 70!!!! days from his 28th birthday!!!! do the math. by accounts Hendrix wasnt a known wine drinker. wine is made from grapes.There’s a chance that BURDON was in Hendrix room after the RONNIE SCOTT gig with WAR 7 ERIC BURDON. If so did he & Hendrix have a few words & angie burdons name come up & burdon grabb hendrix by that blue scarf that was wrapped around his neck??? then… go back 2 his place with ALVINIA BRIDGES & get the phone call from MONIKA DANNEMAN (HENDRIX`S girlfriend who saw the entire thing) telling burdon that hendrix wasn’t moving????!!!!“““““““““““““““““““““““


  22. 0

    Amanda Trees. U knew both Jimi Hendrix & Michael Jeffrey??? Whoa!!! Now that is quite INSIGHTFUL!!! FUN FACT: did u know that Michael Jordans (yep the basketball player) middle name is JEFFREY!!! MICHAEL JEFFREY JORDAN. born BROOKLYN, NY 1963. Hmph!!


  23. 0

    Yes, Bishop Boyd, quite naturally I knew both Michael and Jimi, as Michael was my Manager, and Jimi was as well.
    I felt the wish to speak out on the close knowledge I had of them because, well I suppose I’d been out here awhile, now, sort of like ‘Sleeping-Whatever,”and some of the conjecture regarding Michael was very disturbing to me.
    Just like in the song “The Impossible Dream,” I began to feel I had a quest, and needed to right some wrongs, fix some injustices, sing some songs, in hopes it’ll all provide some healing vibes.
    I can’t say too much more at this time, as along the way, the whole story will all unfold –
    – Amanda


  24. 0

    PS Just to clarify, Michael Jeffrey was my manager, and was Jimi’s manager as well.
    And, I wasn’t aware that Michael Jordan’s middle name was Jeffrey. Quite an interesting fact!


  25. 0

    Hello Friends –
    These sure are very turbulent times right now, everywhere.
    We never even thought we’d see anything like the events taking place on the world’s stage.
    And, tho seemingly unrelated – how really related so much of it is, if we follow the patterns as tho they were cosmic trails.
    Intermixed with the frozen chaos of the Pandemic, is the sweetness and joy of spring, tho somewhat bittersweet in this time.
    I’m remembering all the spiritual giants who were here with us way back, and holding on to the ones we have still here.
    Remembering many springs at Michael’s house in Woodstock, the long talks and hikes through the area, big groups gathered around there talking deep into the night – great dreams and hopes all poured out into the air like vivid tapestries.
    Still believing in these dreams.
    Those of us still here, others coming up along the way – I’m looking forward to connecting the trail from the sagas of the past into the realm of the present –


  26. 0

    Probably the most in depth research on Mike Jeffery which needs to be seen by a much wider audience,and even now still raises more questions which in truth we are unlikely to get any further answers.


  27. 0

    You all seem to forget that when they found Jimmy’s dead body, on the coffee table was a handwritten poem that Jimmy had just written. In The wink of an eye life is hello and goodbye. Until we meet again. The first time I read that poem and it’s entirety I thought it was a suicide note. Maybe Jimi simply had enough. Facing pressures from all sides. Maybe he just said F it.


  28. 0

    Still I know who this person was named Michael Jeffrey and he as a spirit and soul in the universe was as far away from being capable of evil deeds as any Angel you’d be lucky enough to encounter.

    He was always housing and feeding musicians, providing care and good advice from a wise and understanding nature and, I made some 8mm films of him playing with his dog, Garbo.

    Anyone who joyously dances with poodles is a sweet and pure soul.



  29. 0

    My husband, Michael Equine was the drummer for Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys who toured with Jimi Hendrix and opened for “Jimi Plays Berkeley”. Mike Jeffery was his band’s manager and he ripped them off for nearly every single dime. The band members were only given enough to buy a sandwich once a week, always being told that the money was either tied up or that they’d be paid for their gigs soon. They got wise to it but unfortunately never pursued legal action, just simply tried to distance themselves from him.


  30. 0

    Hello, I’m feeling really ambivalent about adding my thoughts to this recent entry because this is really the season of love, understanding, rebirth of hope and faith.

    I’m writing really in the spirit of the season!

    There is also conflict due to the apparent ongoing criticism and deluge of pokes at a highly evolved and kind person who existed in our world, and is not here to present his story in it’s truest form.

    Michael Jeffrey was a unique and gifted person full of complexities, but altogether a vital force in the arts and humanities.

    It’s very difficult to process all the criticisms of him so far after the fact, so painful to properly put together vivid memories indelible in my life with the harsh words spoken of him sometimes.

    Hard to put together memories of his kindness to me, my mother and sister, friends who were musicians who often gathered at his home in Woodstock, having musicals, poetry readings, nurturing menus prepared by Johnand Babette, his loyal home keepers, the dearness of Melissa, his steady girlfriend and everyone who came to join his time in Woodstock and NYC.

    I can’t readily speak to what is written in this latest critique, altho I knew of this group Cat Mother, it’s just a very strange thing that a person who so readily believed in and helped musicians would not notice that a whole band didn’t even have more than a sandwich to sustain themselves for a week!

    This doesn’t even sound realistic.

    Every story is really a prism, and it would be revealing I’m sure, to know the full story – which, unfortunately cannot ever be known in these cases, which also unfortunately, makes Michael’s good name even further compromised.

    There are often extenuating circumstances present in every situation which create the fuel for such constant re-litigation.

    Has it been another scenario, such as – when a band is booked to perform, or make an album, advances are given- to whomever is in charge of the situation at hand, after the fact that the manager who makes the deals then supplies the party who in turn, delegates the funds to the others.

    This is standard procedure.

    If the funds, for example, are dissolved before this “inner distribution” is performed then it’s quite possible, only a sandwich might remain, which in turn would make things very difficult as it’s necessary to get the proper nourishment to go out there and play or do anything else, for that matter.

    And so, without a proper accounting of exactly the trail in which these events all took place, it is therefore impossible to say without any surety what really happened!

    Merry Christmas!




  31. 1

    Remarkable, that some people just insist that their paranoid thoughts regarding Jimi’s unfortunate OD on barbiturates are more verifiable than the facts on hand! But we see this strange need for “conspiracy” now running rampant in many other situations! Life and Death are two things grounded by Fate, and just bad luck…with a dash of responsibility involved. Acceptance of the random negative
    events in Life is key to living a pacific Life!


  32. 1

    Read THE TRUTH about the death of Jimi Hendrix at the website – The Jimi Hendrix Record Guide.
    There was no murder.


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