Quay Club Gig Dates (1968 to 1969)

The original Quay Club situated on Side, Newcastle opened on 17th December 1965 and ran for around two and a half years until July 1969. For the first two weeks, music for dancing was provided by a DJ. The first band advertised as playing at the Quay Club was on New Years Eve 1965. After that ‘live’ bands regularly appeared at the club throughout its lifetime.

Unlike the Club a’Gogo, in its first couple of years the Quay Club booked mainly local bands with just the occasional well known national act. In 1968 and 1969, roughly coinciding with the decline and closure of the Gogo, more bands from outside the local area appeared at the Quay Club. Local bands still played at the club but on a lesser scale than in the previous two years.

This gig listing covering the period 1968 to 1969, which has been compiled from adverts the Newcastle Evening Chronicle, is a good guide as to the mix of bands appearing at the club during that period.

For the 1965/1967 gig listing click here


January 1968

Thursday 04/01/1968 Berts Apple Crumble
Friday 05/01/1968 Mythology
Saturday 06/01/1968 Vibes
Thursday 11/01/1968 Just Bent
Friday 12/01/1968 Technique
Saturday 13/01/1968 Street Car
Thursday 18/01/1968 Gregg Burman Soul Band
Friday 19/01/1968 Roll Movement
Saturday 20/01/1968 Just Bent
Thursday 25/01/1968 Just Bent
Friday 26/01/1968 New Blues Review
Saturday 27/01/1968 New Blues Review

February 1968

Thursday 01/02/1968 Maze
Friday 02/02/1968 Technique
Saturday 03/02/1968 Animal Farm
Thursday 08/02/1968 Just Bent
Friday 09/02/1968 Antique Shop
Thursday 15/02/1968 Soul Set
Friday 16/02/1968 Candy Bus
Saturday 17/02/1968 John Lewis Blues Band
Thursday 22/02/1968 Animal Farm
Friday 23/02/1968 Junco Partners
Saturday 24/02/1968 Cobwebs
Thursday 29/02/1968 Pipe Dream

March 1968

Friday 01/03/1968 Tram Line
Saturday 02/03/1968 Jimmy Williams and West Coast Promotions
Friday 08/03/1968 Pipe Dream
Saturday 09/03/1968 This Years Girl
Friday 15/03/1968 Junco Partners
Saturday 16/03/1968 This Years Girl
Wednesday 20/03/1968 Lusika State Group
Thursday 21/03/1968 Lusika State Group
Friday 22/03/1968 Rhythm and Blues Incorporated
Saturday 23/03/1968 Downtown Faction
Thursday 28/03/1968 Traction
Friday 29/03/1968 Tram Line
Saturday 30/03/1968 Pleasure Machine

April 1968

Thursday 04/04/1968 Pipe Dream
Friday 05/04/1968 White Ginger
Saturday 06/04/1968 New Blues Review
Wednesday 10/04/1968 Turn
Thursday 11/04/1968 Pleasure Machine
Friday 12/04/1968 This Years Girl
Saturday 13/04/1968 Spirit of John Morgan
Thursday 18/04/1968 Pleasure Machine
Friday 19/04/1968 Downtown Faction
Saturday 20/04/1968 Sect
Thursday 25/04/1968 Palace of Dreams
Friday 26/04/1968 New Blues Review
Saturday 27/04/1968 Robert Plant with the Band of Joy

May 1968

Thursday 02/05/1968 Toy Cupboard
Friday 03/05/1968 Root and Jenny Jackson
Saturday 04/05/1968 Junco Partners
Thursday 09/05/1968 Aztec State
Friday 10/05/1968 Sect
Saturday 11/05/1968 Traine
Friday 17/05/1968 Coloured Rain
Saturday 18/05/1968 John Lewis Blues Band
Monday 20/05/1968 Pleasure Machine
Thursday 23/05/1968 Gregg Burman Soul Band
Friday 24/05/1968 Gregg Burman Soul Band
Saturday 25/05/1968 Pleasure Machine
Monday 27/05/1968 Junco Partners
Thursday 30/05/1968 10th Avenue All Stars
Friday 31/05/1968 10th Avenue All Stars

June 1968

Saturday 01/06/1968 Lurks
Monday 03/06/1968 Traction
Friday 14/06/1968 Animal Farm
Saturday 15/06/1968 Robert Plant with the Band of Joy
Friday 21/06/1968 Pleasure Machine
Saturday 22/06/1968 Fickett’s Steam Coffin
Sunday 23/06/1968 Barbed Wire
Friday 28/06/1968 Rubber Plant
Saturday 29/06/1968 Music Shop

July 1968

Thursday 11/07/1968 Pleasure Machine
Friday 12/07/1968 Turn
Saturday 13/07/1968 Fox
Friday 19/07/1968 Uptown Gogo Band
Saturday 20/07/1968 Uptown Gogo Band
Saturday 27/07/1968 Peter’s People

August 1968

Thursday 01/08/1968 One Last Mile
Friday 02/08/1968 Tram Line
Saturday 03/08/1968 Junco Partners
Thursday 08/08/1968 Plastic Penny
Friday 09/08/1968 Gobi Desert Kanoo Club
Saturday 10/08/1968 Palace of Dreams
Friday 16/08/1968 Gregg Burman Soul Band
Saturday 17/08/1968 Sect
Friday 23/08/1968 This Years Girl
Saturday 24/08/1968 Coloured Rain
Friday 30/08/1968 Junco Partners
Saturday 31/08/1968 One More Mile

September 1968

Friday 06/09/1968 Downtown Faction
Saturday 07/09/1968 This Years Girl
Friday 13/09/1968 Tram Line
Saturday 14/09/1968 Mr Poobahs Chicago Line
Thursday 19/09/1968 Uptown Gogo Band
Friday 20/09/1968 Uptown Gogo Band
Saturday 21/09/1968 Uptown Gogo Band
Friday 27/09/1968 Junco Partners
Saturday 28/09/1968 Pleasure Machine

October 1968

Friday 04/10/1968 John Lewis Blues Band
Saturday 05/10/1968 10th Avenue All Stars
Saturday 12/10/1968 People’s Mass
Friday 18/10/1968 Orange Boot
Saturday 19/10/1968 Crusade
Thursday 31/10/1968 Steam Coffin

November 1968

Friday 01/11/1968 Sect
Saturday 02/11/1968 Sign of Life
Thursday 07/11/1968 One More Mile
Friday 08/11/1968 Junco Partners
Saturday 09/11/1968 Middle Earth
Saturday 16/11/1968 New Blues Review
Thursday 21/11/1968 Village
Friday 22/11/1968 Root and Jenny Jackson
Thursday 28/11/1968 This Years Girl
Friday 29/11/1968 Cobwebs
Saturday 30/11/1968 Reg James Explosion

December 1968

Thursday 05/12/1968 Raw Spirit
Friday 06/12/1968 Malchecks
Saturday 07/12/1968 Village
Friday 13/12/1968 Art Nouveau
Thursday 19/12/1968 Raw Spirit
Friday 20/12/1968 Soul Package
Saturday 21/12/1968 Junco Partners
Tuesday 24/12/1968 Pleasure Machine
Thursday 26/12/1968 This Years Girl
Friday 27/12/1968 Happy Magazine
Tuesday 31/12/1968 Sect



January 1969

Friday 03/01/1969 Taste Of Honey
Saturday 04/01/1969 People’s Mass
Friday 10/01/1969 New Reception
Saturday 11/01/1969 Georgia Quintet
Friday 17/01/1969 Sunshine
Saturday 18/01/1969 Art Nouveau
Friday 24/01/1969 Uptown Gogo Band
Saturday 25/01/1969 Barracuda Band
Friday 31/01/1969 Tracks with Polly Brown

February 1969

Saturday 01/02/1969 Traine
Friday 07/02/1969 Sneeze
Saturday 08/02/1969 Sect
Friday 14/02/1969 Envelope
Saturday 15/02/1969 People’s Mass
Thursday 20/02/1969 Juice
Friday 21/02/1969 Junco Partners
Saturday 22/02/1969 Georgia Quintet
Friday 28/02/1969 Hector Grant

March 1969

Saturday 01/03/1969 Macintosh Park
Friday 07/03/1969 Pleasure Machine
Saturday 08/03/1969 Middle Earth
Friday 14/03/1969 Sweet Wine
Saturday 15/03/1969 Turnstile
Friday 21/03/1969 This Years Girl
Sunday 23/03/1969 Sect
Tuesday 25/03/1969 Stormy Monday
Friday 28/03/1969 Pleasure Machine
Saturday 29/03/1969 Pleasure Machine

April 1969

Saturday 05/04/1969 King Rat

May 1969

Saturday 03/05/1969 People’s Mass
Friday 09/05/1969 Wheel
Saturday 10/05/1969 Soul Stax
Monday 12/05/1969 Arctic Rainbow
Tuesday 13/05/1969 Juice
Friday 16/05/1969 Nightcaps
Monday 19/05/1969 Downtown Faction
Friday 23/05/1969 Chalfont Line
Saturday 24/05/1969 Cycle
Monday 26/05/1969 Cally Family
Friday 30/05/1969 Tambourine

June 1969

Monday 02/06/1969 North Carolina Blues
Friday 06/06/1969 Breakthrough
Friday 06/06/1969 Purple Dog
Monday 09/06/1969 Raw Spirit
Tuesday 10/06/1969 Juice
Thursday 12/06/1969 Abstract Element
Friday 13/06/1969 Mass Action
Saturday 14/06/1969 Animal Farm
Tuesday 17/06/1969 Juice
Friday 20/06/1969 Jude Brown Show
Saturday 21/06/1969 Hideaways
Tuesday 24/06/1969 Juice
Wednesday 25/06/1969 Juice
Thursday 26/06/1969 Junki’s Riff
Friday 27/06/1969 Drive-In-Wheel
Saturday 28/06/1969 This Years Girl

July 1969

Tuesday 01/07/1969 Juice
Wednesday 02/07/1969 Juice
Friday 04/07/1969 Arctic Rainbow
Saturday 05/07/1969 Sweet Wine
Wednesday 09/07/1969 Juice
Thursday 10/07/1969 Junco Partners
Friday 11/07/1969 This Years Girl
Saturday 12/07/1969 Morning Glory
Tuesday 15/07/1969 Juice
Thursday 17/07/1969 Traction
Friday 18/07/1969 Red Wine
Saturday 19/07/1969 Mr Shorties Love-Lock
Monday 21/07/1969 Alan Hull

13 thoughts on “Quay Club Gig Dates (1968 to 1969)

  1. 0

    Hi all…I am a ‘little’ confused here?
    When I was resident DJ in March or April 1968, (Hey Jude was #1 at that time), the Quay Club was situated directly on the river front with a small entrance to the left up into the alleyway. It had at least TWO rooms, and I’m sure, that I set up in the upper level, and the bands set up in the basement. Can anyone advise me on this? Following this, I continued to do more than FORTY years around Europe, and the Quay Club was my original launch pad! Brilliant…Thank you to all…????.


  2. 0

    Must have been the April 1968 gig I went to see “a liitle known band from Birmingham” called Robert Plant and the Band Of Joy. Mostly we wanted to see the support band The Junco Partners – it was a good night overall. Don’t know how – a vague family connection or something – but my mate got us a lift home to Heaton in the back of the Juncos van.


  3. 0

    Good morning Dave, and greetings from Alicante/España…
    Yes, The Quay Club is SO special to me also. I was a extremely young DJ at that time, (18 years of age), and this venue got me up and going with my long career on radio/television etc, which has been brilliant.
    Please check out my post, sent today, (Monday November 30).
    Thank you for your time…Bryan S.


  4. 0

    Brilliant of you, Bryan. Can’t remember any acts there but the Quay Club was our port-of call for dancin, as I explained elsewhere here! Thanks VERY much for that priceless “ambience.”


  5. 0

    As I said thanks to you- Newcastle still appears to be the greatest for students and others ( I was at NU)- just hope they have as good relationships and thrills as we did at that age- I’m sure some do!!! I’ve returned to the area after 50 years away and it’s unbelievably similar in many ways 😀


  6. 0

    Hi Bryan – thanks for your comment (#2) about the location of the Quay Club. I played at the club in three different bands about 20 times between 1966 and 1969 and I’m sure it was situated on Side, roughly opposite the Crown Posada pub – not on the river front. As far as I’m aware there was no alley. We always took our equipment in through the main door on Side, turned left through one of the bar areas and then down the narrow stairs to the basement. In the early years the bands played at the end of the basement opposite the stairway. In later years the bands played at the other end just below the stairs.


  7. 0

    Thank you Roger..We are going back more than FIFTY YEARS!?.
    When I worked there, I stayed in a flat in Summerhill Terrace, (up along the Westgate Road. When I walked to the job, I walked down past ‘Amen Corner’, then passed under the bridge, then the club was along the Quayside about 100 yards on the left, painted ‘green’? It looked like a shop front. I then entered by a side door into the club, the door was up the alley on the right…Staff entrance? I dunno!
    I luv all of this, happiest times of my life! Do you remember ‘TOBY TWIRL’? That is where my email address originated…Thank you again Roger.????.


  8. 0

    Hi Bryan – yes I do remember Toby Twirl although I never got to see them perform. I worked with Nicky Thorburn at the “ministry” back in ’66 or ’67. He was in a band called Shades Of Blue at the time and left work to go pro with Toby Twirl. I also knew John Reed from an earlier period when he was a Sunderland band called the Quandowns. I didn’t know Dave Holland personally but you may be interested in the short piece I wrote about him and Toby Twirl in my “In Memorium” blog.
    I played at the Quay Club in 1968 so I guess our paths must have crossed at some stage.


  9. 0

    Ha Ha! YOU probably bought the ale?…I owe you one!(Or two)…?.
    I have John Reed’s email should you wish to say hello…
    After that time, Nicky and Barry formed a duo, and called themselves: ‘TANDEM’.
    Dave ‘Holly’ Holland had a pub in Blyth, The Miner’s Arms. Dunno WHERE he is now? How good is my memory??…Razor sharp!
    Please keep in touch…????.


  10. 0

    Bryan – sadly Dave ‘Holly’ Holland passed away on 3rd April 2019.


  11. 0

    Damn!!! All the good guys are leaving us!
    There has been a massive despatch this year!
    Well Roger, I am 71 years now, but I am SO happy that WE lived through the good times.
    I will always hold some of our people in the highest esteem.
    We should ALL keep in touch more, it IS very important! Sites such as this one, DO help to support that.
    Thank you SO much for the info Roger, and sleep well Holly…???.


  12. 0

    Thanks Roger – yet another fabulously curated memory. Hope u r well and still gigging. Merry Xmas to all and fingers crossed that we survive the pandemic.


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