After a year of flower power, love-ins and psychedelic happenings, 1968 had a bit more of a down-to-earth feel about it with a slight revival of rock ‘n roll and blues music.

Locally, bands playing the standard Wilson Pickett/Otis Redding type material were regarded as being a bit behind the times. A lot of local bands were now playing covers of Stax songs by artists such as William Bell and Sam & Dave.

The Club A’Gogo, which had changed management some time earlier was now on it’s last legs. Popular north east venues in 1968 were the Rex Hotel, Whitley Bay, the Mayfair Ballroom in Newcastle and a bit further afield the Saturday dances at Haggerston Castle, Northumberland.


North east gigs

14/1/68    Cream appear at Redcar Jazz Club (Coatham Hotel)
16/1/68    The Troggs appear at Mayfair Ballroom, Newcastle
25/1/68    The Herd appear at Club a’Gogo, Newcastle
27/1/68    The Nice appear at Newcastle University
27/1/68    The Action appear at Club a’Gogo, Newcastle

My Gigs (with James South)

Mon 01/01/1968 Bay Hotel, Sunderland
Sat 06/01/1968 New Cellar Club, South Shields

(with Technique)

Thu 18/01/1968 New Cellar Club, South Shields
Fri 19/01/1968 Jarrow YMCA
Sat 20/01/1968 Glenholme, Crook
Sun 21/01/1968 Hebburn Dance
Tue 23/01/1968 St Andrews Dance, Roker
Fri 26/01/1968 Portland Hotel, Ashington
Sat 27/01/1968 Boom Boom Club, Durham

Happening Elsewhere

‘Everything I Am’ by Plastic Penny featuring vocalist Brian Keith enters the UK charts. The single was recorded in late 1967 by Keith who at the time was performing in a cabaret band called Chris Lamb and the Originals. He had recorded ‘Everything I Am” as a solo singer with some help from some of the musicians from the Originals, including future Plastic Penny keyboard player, Paul Raymond. Mick Grabham and drummer Nigel Olsson, both from Sunderland are recruited by Keith and become permanent member of Plastic Penny.

Plastic Penny with Nigel Olsson (far left) and Mick Grabham (second right) from Sunderland
Plastic Penny with Nigel Olsson (far left) and Mick Grabham (second right) from Sunderland

George Harrison spends a week in Bombay recording Indian music for the movie “Wonderwall”.

David Gilmour joins the Pink Floyd. His addition will enable the group to “explore new instruments and add further experimental dimensions”. The five-man Floyd line-up play just five gigs before the other members decide that Syd Barrett should be excused from live appearances to concentrate on song-writing.

Jimi Hendrix spends a night in a Swedish jail cell after wrecking a hotel room following an argument with Noel Redding.

The Small Faces and The Who are thrown off an aircraft for rowdy behaviour while preparing to fly between gigs on an Australian tour.

In the charts

1      Hello Goodbye – Beatles
10     World – The Bee Gees
20    She Wears My Ring – Solomon King



North east gigs

1/2/68      Alan Bown Set appear at Club A’Gogo, Newcastle
9/2/68      Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds appear at Club A’Gogo, Newcastle
9/2/68      Jimmy James & The Vagabonds appear at Top Rank, Sunderland
16/2/68    Family appear at Club A’Gogo, Newcastle
20/2/68    Procol Harum appear at Mayfair Ballroom, Newcastle
23/2/68    Procol Harum appear at Dunelm (Durham University)
23/2/68    Robert Parker appears at Club A’Gogo, Newcastle
25/2/68    Moody Blues appear at Kirklevington Country Club
28/2/68    Moody Blues, Zoot Money and PP Arnold appeared at Mayfair Ballroom, Newcastle

My gigs (with Technique)

Thu 01/02/1968 New Cellar Club, South Shields
Fri 02/02/1968 Quay Club, Newcastle
Sat 03/02/1968 Gateshead Rugby Club
Wed 07/02/1968 Portland Hotel, Ashington
Fri 09/02/1968 Durham Town Hall
Sat 10/02/1968 New Cellar Club, South Shields
Wed 14/02/1968 Grindon School Dance
Thu 15/02/1968 Rainton Club
Sat 17/02/1968 Boom Boom Club, Durham
Sun 18/02/1968 Impulse Studio (recording)
Mon 19/02/1968 Glenholme, Crook
Tue 27/02/1968 St Andrews Dance, Roker

Happening Elsewhere

The Beatles visit the Maharishi’s meditation camp at Rishikesh in India, accompanied by Donovan, Mike Love of The Beach Boys and other friends. Before they leave for India, The Beatles are filmed at Abbey Road while they record the track “Hey Bulldog”.

The Beatles in India
The Beatles in India

David Gilmour joins Pink Floyd, replacing founder member Syd Barrett who had checked himself into a psychiatric hospital.

In the charts

1      Everlasting Love – Love Affair
10    Pictures Of matchstick Men – Status Quo
20    Magical Mystery Tour (EP) – Beatles



North east gigs

6/3/68      Status Quo appear at Bay Hotel, Sunderland
6/3/68      Jethro Tull and Junco Partners appear at Newcastle University
8/3/68      Herbie Goins & The Night Timers appear at Club a’Gogo, Newcastle
14/3/68    Status Quo appear at Club a’Gogo, Newcastle
16/3/68    Root & Jenny Jackson appear at Club a’Gogo, Newcastle
19/3/68    Small Faces, Simon Dupree appear at Newcastle City Hall
22/3/68    The Herd appear at Club a’Gogo, Newcastle
29/3/68    Zoot Money, Mr Poobah’s Chicago Line and Pleasure Machine appear at the Mayfair, Newcastle

My gigs (with Technique)

Fri 01/03/1968 Jarrow YMCA
Sat 02/03/1968 Haggerston Castle
Sun 03/03/1968 New Cellar Club, South Shields
Thu 07/03/1968 New Cellar Club, South Shields
Fri 08/03/1968 Horden Club Dance
Sat 09/03/1968 Haggerston Castle
Fri 15/03/1968 Jarrow YMCA
Sat 16/03/1968 Haggerston Castle
Sun 17/03/1968 New Cellar Club, South Shields
Thu 21/03/1968 Joshua Wilson Dance

(with Village)

Fri 22/03/1968 Balliol College, Newcastle
Sat 23/03/1968 Alnwick Teachers Training College
Sun 24/03/1968 Stanley Youth Club
Fri 29/03/1968 Highfield Community Centre
Sat 30/03/1968 Houghton Rugby Club

Happening Elsewhere

“Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” wins four Grammy awards, including best album of 1967 and best album sleeve.

The Beatles in their Sergeant Pepper costumes
The Beatles in their Sergeant Pepper costumes

“She’s Leaving Home” by the Beatles is named best song of 1967 at the Ivor Novello Awards. “Whiter Shade Of Pale” (Procol Harum) is the most successful UK song overseas, while “Grocer Jack” (Keith West) is novelty song of the year.

The Yardbirds record their live album ‘Live Yardbirds’ at the Anderson Theatre, New York.

The Hollies start work on a new studio album but the sessions grind to a halt with most of the tracks left unused or unfinished, including Graham Nash’s “Marrakesh Express” which is later a hit for Crosby, Stills and Nash.

The Herd (with Peter Frampton) sign up to appear in the feature film “Otley” which stars Tom Courtney.

In the charts

1968 chart


North east gigs

4/4/68      John Mayall appears at Club A’Gogo, Newcastle
13/4/68    Bee Gees appear at the ABC, Stockton
13/4/68    The Kinks, Herd and the Tremeloes appear at Newcastle City Hall

John Mayall's Bluesbreakers appeared at Newcastle's Club A'Gogo in April
John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers appeared at Newcastle’s Club A’Gogo in April

My gigs (with Village)

Thu 04/04/1968 Milvain Club
Fri 05/04/1968 Sacriston Memeorial Hall
Sat 06/04/1968 County Hall, Carlisle
Sun 07/04/1968 Stanley Youth Club
Mon 08/04/1968 Carousel Club, Chester le Street
Fri 19/04/1968 Shiney Row YMCA
Sat 20/04/1968 Club A’Gogo, Newcastle
Tue 23/04/1968 New Cellar Club, South Shields
Fri 26/04/1968 Rutherford College
Sat 27/04/1968 Houghton Rugby Club
Sun 28/04/1968 Townley Arms
Tue 30/04/1968 Central Club, Ashington

Happening Elsewhere

The UK comes second in the 13th Eurovision Song Contest held at the Royal Albert Hall, London on 6th April. UK’s entry is ‘Congratulations’ sung by Cliff Richard. Spain wins with ‘La, La, La’ sung by Massiel.

Syd Barrett is asked to leave Pink Floyd as a result of his ongoing (and worsening) drug and mental problems. Barrett heads back to his mother’s home in Cambridge while the group continue as a four piece. Bassist Roger Waters becomes Floyd’s main song-writer. Meanwhile, the group make a promo film for their latest single ‘It Would Be So Nice’.

John Lennon and George Harrison finally leave Rishikesh. Ringo and Paul left earlier.

Dantalion’s Chariot disbands. Zoot Money joins Eric Burdon and The Animals

The Speakeasy Club in London is destroyed in a fire.

In the charts

1      Congratulations – Cliff Richard
10     Jennifer Eccles – The Hollies
20     Something Here In My Heart – Paper Dolls



North east gigs

2/5/68      The Ronettes appear at Club A’Gogo, Newcastle
4/5/68      Status Quo appear at Newcastle City Hall
9/5/68      Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band appear at Club A’Gogo, Newcastle
12/5/68    Jeff Beck appears at Kirklevington Country Club
17/5/68    Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band appear at Mayfair, Newcastle
27/5/68    Captain Beefheart appears at Club A’Gogo, Newcastle

My gigs (with Village)

Fri 03/05/1968 Sacriston Memeorial Hall
Sat 04/05/1968 Middlesbrough Bowling Alley
Mon 06/05/1968 Club Franch, Jarrow
Fri 10/05/1968 Northern Counties College
Sat 11/05/1968 101 Club, Carlisle
Sun 12/05/1968 Stanley Youth Club
Fri 17/05/1968 Saxon Club, Jarrow
Sat 18/05/1968 Easington Colliery Welfare
Fri 24/05/1968 Mayfair Ballroom, Newcastle
Sun 26/05/1968 Middlesbrough Bowling Alley
Mon 27/05/1968 Michaels Club
Fri 31/05/1968 Newbiggin

Happening Elsewhere

4th May – Mary Hopkins performs on the British TV show Opportunity Knocks. She catches the attention of model Twiggy, who recommends her to Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney subsequently signed Mary Hopkins to the Apple label.

14th May – At a press conference, John Lennon and Paul McCartney announce the Beatles’ new business concept, Apple Corps.Ltd., an entertainment company that included a recording studio, a record label and a clothing store.

Brian Jones, guitarist with the Rolling Stones was arrested a second time on 21st May for possession of cannabis, which he said had been left by previous tenants of the flat. He was facing a long jail sentence if found guilty owing to his probation. Stones’ bassist Bill Wyman commented, “The fact that the police had secured a warrant with no evidence showed the arrest was part of a carefully orchestrated plan. Brian and the Stones were being targeted in an effort to deter the public from taking drugs.

The Small Faces release their new album “Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake” in circular packaging.

Dave Mason re-joins Traffic. During his time away from the group he has produced the debut album by Family (the startling ‘Music In a Doll’s House’), released a solo single and played on various sessions (including with Jimi Hendrix).


Plastic Penny, which includes north east musicians Nigel Olsson (drums) and Mick Grabham (guitar) part company with lead singer Brian Keith.

The Beatles begin recording ‘The White Album’ on 30th May. Sessions would continue until the middle of October 1968.

In the charts

1      What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
10     Congratulations – Cliff Richard
20     Cry Like A Baby – The Box Tops



North east gigs

6/6/68      John Mayall appeared at Club A’Gogo, Newcastle
14/6/68    Long John Baldry appeared at Mayfair, Newcastle
21/6/68    The Who, Status Quo and Nashville Teens appeared at Durham University
30/6/68    The Move appeared at Kirklevington Country Club

My gigs (with Village)

Sat 01/06/1968 Rex Hotel, Whitley Bay
Sun 02/06/1968 Rex Hotel, Whitley Bay
Fri 07/06/1968 Stanley Youth Club
Sat 08/06/1968 Houghton Rugby Club
Sun 09/06/1968 Townley Arms
Mon 10/06/1968 Bedlington Social Club
Fri 14/06/1968 Alexandra Hotel, Sunderland
Sat 15/06/1968 Winnybank Youth Club
Sun 16/06/1968 Excel, Middlesbrough
Wed 19/06/1968 Rex Hotel, Whitley Bay
Fri 21/06/1968 Dudley County School
Sat 22/06/1968 Haggerston Castle
Fri 28/06/1968 Northern Counties College
Sat 29/06/1968 Centre 64, Blyth

Happening Elsewhere

The Nice burn a representation of the American flag during a performance of their hit single “America” at the Royal Albert Hall. They are handed a lifetime ban from the venue.
Cream appear on the “Glen Campbell Show” for U.S TV.


On 14th June Manfred Mann appear on the first edition of the BBC2 programme ‘Colour me pop’.

Giles, Giles and Fripp recruit keyboards/sax player Ian McDonald and ex-Fairport Convention singer Judy Dyble. Pete Sinfield arrives as lyricist but Dyble departs within a few weeks.

The Who’s Pete Townsend becomes a follower of Meher Baba, an Indian Perfect Spiritual Master. This profoundly affects his future songwriting.

In the charts

1        Young Girl – Gary Puckett & The Union Gap
10     I Don’t Want Our Loving To Die – Herd
20    Helule Helule – Tremeloes



North east gigs

19/7/68    Traffic appear at Mayfair Ballroom, Newcastle
26/7/68    Skip Bifferty appear at Manor Court Club, Newcastle
28/7/68    Family appear at Sunderland Empire

My gigs (with Village)

Sat 06/07/1968 Houghton Rugby Club
Sun 07/07/1968 Stanley Youth Club
Wed 10/07/1968 Duke of Wellington, Blyth
Fri 12/07/1968 Amble British Legion
Sat 13/07/1968 East Stanley Dance
Wed 17/07/1968 Saxon Club, Jarrow
Thu 18/07/1968 Stanley Youth Club

Happening Elsewhere

After the completion of the ‘Wheels Of Fire’ album members of US group ‘The Band’ decide they’ve had enough and want to go their separate ways. They announce they will split later in the year.

The Yardbirds split up. Jimmy Page attempts to form a ‘New Yardbirds’ to fulfil existing tour commitments, while Keith Relf and Jim McCarty launch themselves as a ‘Folksy, advanced pop’ duo under the name of ‘Together’.

Bassist Danny Mc Culloch and guitarist Vic Briggs quit The Animals. Eric Burdon names Andy Summers as replacement guitarist.

The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” cartoon movie is premiered in London.

7 YellowSub

More controversy for The Nice. Their single “America” is promoted by a poster showing the group members with small children on their knees, and superimposed on the children are the faces of the late President John F Kennedy, Senator Robert Kennedy and Dr Martin Luther King. The group instruct their Record Company, Immediate, to withdraw the poster after stores refuse to stock the record.

Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger’s UK hit ‘This Wheel’s On Fire’ stalls at 102 in the US.

David Bowie forms ‘Feathers’, a music and mime group. They perform at Middle Earth and other clubs but do not record.

The Middle Earth club in London closes, but concerts continue to be promoted under the Middle Earth banner at the Roundhouse in Chalk Farm, London.

In the charts

1      Baby Come Back – Equals
10     Blue Eyes – Don Partridge
20     I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten – Dusty Springfield



North east gigs

1/8/68      Stormsville Shakers appear at Club A’Gogo, Newcastle
16/8/68    Manfred Mann and Blonde On Blonde appear at Mayfair, Newcastle
27/8/68     Small Faces and Toby Twirl appear at Top Rank, Sunderland
31/8/68    Teespop 68 at the Recreation Ground, Eston featuring Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Alan Bown, Family, Amboy Dukes, Joe Cocker, Tramline and Chelfont Line

8 teespop

My gigs (with Village)

Tue 13/08/1968 Birtley Rex Club
Thu 15/08/1968 Evenwood Club
Sat 17/08/1968 New Cellar Club, South Shields
Fri 23/08/1968 Amble British Legion
Sun 25/08/1968 Stanley Youth Club
Fri 30/08/1968 Hirst Central, Ashington
Sat 31/08/1968 Ashington Welfare

Happening Elsewhere

The Beatles officially launch their Apple label. Apple was to serve as the new outlet for their own recordings as well as the music of an eclectic roster of artists who were all personally brought to the label by The Beatles (either individually or collectively).

John McVie marries Christine Perfect.

Much to the disgust of Graham Nash, The Hollies play a season in cabaret, wearing matching white suits and performing material such as ‘Puff (The Magic Dragon)’ and ‘Dang Me’.

Chris Squire and Jon Anderson form Yes. Peter Banks quits Neat Change to join Yes. Ex-Winston’s Fumbs organist Tony Kaye and drummer Bill Bruford complete the original line-up. The band perform fro the first time at a summer camp.

Spooky Tooth begin a US Tour (15th) that continues until late September.

In the charts

1      Mony Mony – Tommy James & The Shondells
10     Do It Again – The Beach Boys
20     Son Of Hickory Hollers Tramp – O.C.Smith



North east gigs

1/9/68      Noel & The Fireballs and Tenth Avenue Allstars appear at Peterlee Jazz Club (Argus Butterfly)
8/9/69      Blossom Toes and Coloured Rain appear at Peterlee Jazz Club (Argus Butterfly)
13/9/68    Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band appear at Mayfair, Newcastle
26/9/68    Pink Floyd, The Nice, The Sect and Coloured Rain at the Mayfair, Newcastle
29/9/68    Savoy Brown and Toycupboard appear at Peterlee Jazz Club (Argus Butterfly)

My gigs (with Village)

Sat 07/09/1968 Rex Hotel, Whitley Bay
Wed 11/09/1968 Winnybank Youth Club
Fri 13/09/1968 Ramside Hall
Sat 14/09/1968 Northern Counties College
Sun 15/09/1968 Rex Hotel, Whitley Bay
Mon 16/09/1968 Rex Hotel, Whitley Bay
Thu 19/09/1968 Shildon Railway Institute
Fri 20/09/1968 Deneside Youth Centre
Sat 21/09/1968 Cellar Club, Hartlepool
Thu 26/09/1968 RAF, Acclington
Sat 28/09/1968 Haggerston Castle

Happening Elsewhere

On 7th September Led Zeppelin performs for the first time. They are billed as the New Yardbirds (Jimmy Page’s previous band was the Yardbirds who had split up in July).

Davy O’ List leaves The Nice, officially because of ‘pressure of work’, but in reality because of his unreliability and unpredictable behaviour (legend has it that O’List was ‘spiked’ by David Crosby in early ’68 during The Nice’s first U.S tour, and he was never the same again). Steve Howe, currently with Bodast, has tentative rehearsals with the remaining members but the results are unsatisfactory. Newcastle guitarist, Malcolm Langstaffe (formerly with the north east band ‘The Kylastrons’ performs O’List’s intended guitar parts on the second Nice album “Ars Longa Vita Brevis”. Langstaffe is briefly considered as a replacement for O’List but instead the group remains a trio.

Stones’ guitarist Brian Jones appears in court facing drugs charges following his arrest in May. In spite of his plea that the drugs belonged to a former tenant of his flat, the jury finds him guilty. However, the judge has sympathy for Jones and instead of jailing him he fines him £50 plus £105 in costs and tells him: “For goodness sake, don’t get into trouble again or it really will be serious”.Saturday Club)

The Who begin recording ‘Tommy’, a rock opera that tells the story about a deaf, dumb and blind boy.

In the charts

1      I’ve Got To Get a Message To You – Bee Gees
10     Jesamine – The Casuals
20     Sunshine Girl – Herman’s Hermits

The Casuals
The Casuals



North east gigs

4/10/68      Yardbirds, Junco Partners and Downtown Faction appear at the Mayfair, Newcastle
10/10/68    Status Quo appear at Newcastle City Hall
11/10/68    Manfred Mann appear at Mayfair, Newcastle
12/10/68    Stormsville Shakers appear at Club A’Gogo, Newcastle
13/10/68    Orange Bicycle appear at Redcar Jazz Club (Coatham Hotel)
17/10/68    The Nice appear at New Cellar, South Shields
17/10/68    Move and Family appear at Mayfair, Newcastle
20/10/68    The Kinks appear at Club Fiesta, Stockton
25/10/68    Fleetwood Mac and P.P.Arnold appear at Mayfair, Newcastle
27/10/68    Incredible String Band appear at Newcastle City Hall

The Incredible String Band appear at Newcastle's City Hall
The Incredible String Band appear at Newcastle’s City Hall

My gigs (with Village)

Fri 04/10/1968 Hirst Central, Ashington
Sat 12/10/1968 Carlisle
Fri 18/10/1968 Amble British Legion
Sun 20/10/1968 Townley Arms
Mon 21/10/1968 Blackhall WMC
Wed 23/10/1968 Duke of Wellington, Blyth
Fri 25/10/1968 Hirst Central, Ashington
Sat 26/10/1968 Quay Club, Newcastle
Sun 27/10/1968 Stanley Youth Club
Thu 31/10/1968 Shildon Railway Institute

Happening Elsewhere

The New Yardbirds make their live debut and soon change their name to Led Zeppelin.

Eddie Hardin and Pete York leave the Spencer Davis Group and are replaced by Dee Murray and Dave Hynes of The Mirage, who promptly split up.

Decca Records continue their refusal to release The Rolling Stones’ new album ‘Beggars Banquet’ with it’s proposed cover design of a graffiti covered toilet wall.

Reports suggest that The Beatles have booked the Royal Albert Hall for a ‘comeback’ concert in December. The concert doesn’t take place.

Dave Mason quits Traffic for the second time.

The Small Faces are banned from Bristol’s Colston Hall after they are accused of inciting the audience to riot at their concert at the venue.

In the charts

1      Those Were The Days – Mary Hopkins
10    Les Bicyclettes De Belsize – Engelbert Humperdinck
20    Only One Woman – Marbles



North east gigs

18/11/68    The Who, Yes and Joe Cocker appear at Newcastle City Hall

My Gigs (with Village)

Fri 01/11/1968 Stanley Boys Club
Sat 02/11/1968 Centre 64, Blyth
Sat 09/11/1968 Rex Hotel, Whitley Bay
Sun 10/11/1968 Rex Hotel, Whitley Bay
Mon 11/11/1968 Rex Hotel, Whitley Bay
Sat 16/11/1968 Tow Bar, Whitehaven
Sun 17/11/1968 Tow Bar, Whitehaven
Tue 19/11/1968 Hirst Central, Ashington
Wed 20/11/1968 Bishop Aukland
Thu 21/11/1968 Quay Club, Newcastle
Fri 22/11/1968 Dumfries Drill Hall
Sat 23/11/1968 Birtley Community Centre
Sat 30/11/1968 Haggerston Castle

Happening Elsewhere

On 8th November John Lennon and his wife Cynthia are divorced.

Cream disband after playing 2 farewell concerts at The Royal Albert Hall, where they are supported by Yes and Taste (26th). The members explain that they have taken their music as far as they could.

Chas Chandler sells his managerial interest in the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Mike Jeffery is now sole manager of the group.

The Beatles ‘White Album’ is released.

Jimi Hendrix becomes the property of Mike Jeffery
Jimi Hendrix becomes the property of Mike Jeffery

In the charts

1      The Good, The Bad And The Ugly – Hugo Motenegro
10    Little Arrows – Leapy Lee
20    Mexico – Long John Baldry



North east gigs

1/12/68      Pentangle appear at Newcastle City Hall
4/12/68      Aynsley Dunbar’s Retalliation appear at Mayfair, Newcastle
11/12/68    Sect, Junco Partners and Mr Poobah’s Chicago Line appear at the Mayfair, Newcastle
15/12/68    Pink Floyd appear at Newcastle City Hall
16/12/68    Status Quo appear at Annabels, Sunderland
17/12/68    Status Quo appear at Annabels, Sunderland
19/12/68    The Nice appear at Newcastle City Hall
22/12/68    The Animals appear at Newcastle City Hall
29/12/68    Alan Bown appear at Redcar Jazz Club (Coatham Hotel)
30/12/68    The Move appear at Kirklevington Country Club

My gigs (with Village)

Fri 06/12/1968 Outon Manor YC, Hartlepool
Sat 07/12/1968 Quay Club, Newcastle
Fri 13/12/1968 Rex Hotel, Whitley Bay
Sat 14/12/1968 Rex Hotel, Whitley Bay
Sun 15/12/1968 Townley Arms
Wed 18/12/1968 Ashington Tech Dance
Thu 26/12/1968 Beechwood YC, Middlebrough
Fri 27/12/1968 Five Bridges Hotel, Gateshead

Happening Elsewhere

Graham Nash quits The Hollies to form Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Crosby, Stills and Nash
Crosby, Stills and Nash

Eric Burdon disbands The New Animals after a farewell gig at Newcastle City Hall on 22nd December

Steve Winwood quits Traffic with the intention of beginning a solo career.

Guitarist Mick Abrahams quits Jethro Tull. Tony Iommi (of Birmingham group Earth, later known as Black Sabbath) appears with the group at the taping of “Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus”, miming to a previously recorded track. Davy O’List also temporarily fills the gap.

Skip Bifferty split up. Several group members form Arc in 1970. “We can’t carry on”, says vocalist Graham Bell. He attempts a solo career before joining Every Which Way.

In the charts

1      Lily The Pink – Scaffold
10    I’m A Tiger – Lulu
20    All Along The Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix Experience


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The main sources for the material on the Years pages are as follows: –

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  • “Ballroom Blitz” web site (not currently available)
  • Various web sites containing historic gig listings for individual touring bands of the late sixties and early seventies

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